One week to go for LSF/MM

Linux Storage Filesystem and Memory Management Summit 2014 (LSF/MM 2014) is almost here with just under a week to go. The schedule is almost filled but there are still some gaps for last-minute topics if something crops up or attendees decide feel that something is missing. There will be no printed schedule to accommodate this but there should be a qcode link to the live schedule on conference badges. As always, attendees are strongly encouraged to actively participate and post on the lists in advance if they want changes. The range of topics is very large although personally I’m very much looking forward to the database/kernel topics and the large block interfaces because of my personal bias towards VM and VM/FS topics.

For those that will not be attending LSF/MM there will be the usual writeups and some follow-ups at Collaboration Summit. There will be a panel consisting of at least one person from each track on the Thursday morning to cover any topic missed by the writeup or if attendees have additional comments to make. The database topic at LSF/MM has a limited number of attendees from the database community and there was more interest than anticipated so we’ll also have a database/kernel interlock topic at Collaboration Summit on Thursday at 3pm. There was an announcement with a summary of the discussion to date and I’m hoping as many database and kernel community developers as possible will attend.

It’s looking like this will be a great LSF/MM which continues to grow strongly from its humble origins when Nick Piggin organised the first FS/MM meeting (that I’m aware of at least). It’s appreciated that companies continue to fund developers to attend LSF/MM which I personally consider to be the most important event that I attend each year. As always, while companies and foundations fund people to attend it would not be possible to run the event with the support of the sponsors as well. We have some great sponsors this year to help cover our costs and a few more have come on board since I wrote the first update. Facebook, NetApp and Western Digital are showing great support by sponsoring us at the platinum level. Google, IBM, Samsung and Seagate supporting us as Gold Sponsors and we appreciate the additional support of our Silver Sponsors, Dataera, Pure Storage and SUSE. Thanks to all who are going to make LSF/MM 2014 an exceptional event.