Swapping over NBD/NFS and settling debts

A large number of patches were merged in 3.6-rc1 to support activating a swapfile on NFS and improving the reliability of swapping over a network block device. While it has been possible to activate swap against an NBD device for a long time it was not exactly a great idea. Significant memory pressure would likely cause the machine to freeze requiring a reboot. I expect that this particular problem is in the past but if not, then sure I’ll get cc’d on a bug report. This feature was something I pushed for a while as I knew there were a number of use cases that people cared about and it’s something that was carried in SLES for quite a while as a result.

However, this blog entry was unexpected and it gave me a swelled head, particularly coming from someone like Wouter. That beer also sounds mighty tempting but thing is, he almost certainly does not remember this but we met before, somewhere between six and eight years ago drinking beer outside one of the buildings at FOSDEM. Not exactly sure when, it was a hell of a long time ago.He bought a few spares after a trip to a bar and gave me one but left before I had the chance to buy one back. This effectively broke the Round System and for some stupid reason I remembered it pretty much every time I read a post of his on Planet Debian. For now, assuming Wouter does not file any bug reports after 3.6 comes out then maybe I can just call us even and let it go :-)